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Ramshackle Games games range

Ramshackle games is not only a miniature and model producer, we also write and design wargames, from the popular Nuclear Renaissance, to the Game suppliment, Tome of the Tridlins


  • Nuclear Renaissance is a post apocalyptic themed, turn based, table-top strategy game.
    It uses 28mm figures and vehicles. Players play a gang of hardened fighters, pitting themselves against others in the wastelands of the future.

  • The Tome of Tridlins is a supplement for the game Nuclear Renaissance that really completes the game. The core game rules can be downloaded for free from the Ramshackle website or a printed version can be had from the web store. The Tome of Tridlins adds much more detailed gang design rules, along with a full campaign system and more background.

  • Mini Gangs is a new rule set from Ramshackle Games that combines ease of play with great strategic options resulting in a quick game with loads of depth. Its ideal for short club games, for playing a campaign and for getting begginers into tabletop battle games.

  • Mini Gangs can be played in three different ways, each appealing to a different level of gamer.
    • Gateway- A simple and easy game for beginners.
    • Casual- A game for easy play and deep strategy.
    • Hardcore- A sophisticated in-depth gaming experience.


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