Huntsman Spider Tank (with turret)



The Huntsman Spider Tank is the invention of Isembard Kickass Brunel, renown builder of awesome machinery. He constructed it to counter the threat from the huge foot gangs that swarm over the hills around his workshops. Highly motivated opportunists and scavengers, the bandits steal pretty much everything they can lay their filthy mitts on.

The Huntsman is driven by lovely Micrathena. Her two extra cybernetic arms allow her to become spider like in her movements. Her head gear creates a bond with the spider-machine and she communes with it, guiding its movement rather than controlling them!


Tam O'Rouke built and mans the bell cannon mounted in the turret. The bell cannon derives it's name from the casting process. The technology to engineer a cannon is the same as for making bells. For a bell to sound properly, it must be made from a perfect casting. Air bubbles or impurities will effect its resonance. So with cannons, any weakness in the casting will produce unreliable and dangerous barrels.

Fully armed and armoured, the Huntsman Spider Tank is a machine designed to destroy hordes of rabble! Its ingenious leg design allows it to traverse terrain even tracked vehicles cannot negotiate.

This model ships with a turret. You can also buy the kit with no turret included.

You can also buy all the pieces individually from our Tridlins section of this shop.

More images and the assembly instructions can be found here.

A review of the tank can be found on Table Top Gaming News.

The Huntsman Spider Tank is a little complicated to assemble, so is more suitable for modelers with some degree of experience. The model is cast from polyester resin which is safe to handle. Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Model may have variations from images shown.

Parts list (please click the link to be taken to the shop entry for the part):


Face Plate




Boiler Tank

Back Support

Back Spacer



Under Tubing

Turret Hatch



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