Isembard Kickass Brunel



Isembard Kickass Brunel is an inovator. He is a man of engineering. The re-learning of lost technology has been advanced by Brunel more than any other person. He specialises in the macro machine, constructions of vast proportians. For this man, bigger is most definately better. He refuses to do anything on half mesures. He and his workers have built themselves some marvels of gargantuan size. He has built a factory town is situated in a steep gorge, with a humungous iron bridge spanning its width. This is used as a platform for his vast cranes which haul plates of iron of such vast weight that no other cranes built can even move them. His smelting vats and blast furnaces seldom rest, as he forges ever larger devices and feats of engineering.
Brunel as a man is driven. He is determined in mind. He is also a good man. His ideal is to rebuild the world as it was before. He wishes for roads, bridges, communication and supply. His final goal is to build a sea-worthy ship that can sail out to discover the lands that he believes lie to the east and west. However, resources are hard to aquire, and while he has lofty ideals, he still needs money to buy the materials for his personal projects. He can be hired, at a cost. It is rumoured that at this he is working for Jonash Longstock, constructing a giant cannon. It is said to be for the defence of the town of Bandlerd, and when finished will have literally unbelievable range and stopping power.

Brunel is supplied with a choice of two weapons, his powered spanner and a flaregun, along with his awesome rail cannon.

Model supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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