10 Dwarf Biker Gang set




This set is supplied with enough parts to make 10 complete Dwarf Bikers models. The set also contains your choice of any 2 extras. These include passengers, weapons and sidecars. Below are images of the parts. After the parts catalogue are more images of the bikers, showing variants and different angles.

Most of the models are made up of 4 parts, the biker, his head, a right arm and a base.

To select which parts you want simply list them in the "Special instructions or comments about your order" field in the shopping cart.

Bob and Tegs come with their own specific left arms and have integral heads. Their arms do not count towards the 10 arm choices.

Please select any
10 ARMS Standard arms fit most bikers except Ironside and Armoured.
10 BASES Please indicate if you would prefer the Resin Pill bases or Plastic Round ones.

Models upplied unassembled and unpainted. Models may vary slightly from images shown.

Additional product details

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  • Manufactured by: Ramshackle Games