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Community Casting Project

The models in this category were made as part of an ongoing community project. 

If you send me a model you have made I will make the mould for free and send you as many copies of the model as you need. 

This is about getting stuff made and out there, and is intended for amatuer or semi-pro sculptors who want to share what they have made with the wider community. 

Its also a great way to get copies of parts you need for a project, so send me a helmet you made and I'll send you back enough copies for your army. 

In exchange for the time and materials to make this project happen, I ask that you grant me a license to sell the model on my web store. 

You as the artist retain all the rights to the scultp and can terminate the license with me at any point.

Several sculptors have jopined in this project and have generously sent me models. I'm super grateful for everyone who sends me items to cast, and I think it makes a really wonderful range of really imaginative and characterful models.

Community Casting Project

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