5 x Dwarf Biker "Pick and Mix"


Please select any 5 resin dwarf bikers from the "Pick and Mix" bikes category, plus 1 Dwarf Biker Extras and their arms. 

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  • Ramshackle Games delivers worldwide. Ramshackle Games delivers worldwide.

Please select any 5 resin dwarf bikers from the "Pick and Mix" bikes category. Please also select 1 Dwarf Biker Extras. 

Please select 5 bikes, 1 sets of heads, 5 arms and 1 Dwarf Biker Extra.

I am happy to swap bikes out for  Dwarf Biker Extras instead. 

Models are supplied with resin bases but please say if you would prefer round plastic bases.

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To let me know which models you would like, please use the message system on the "Contact Us"page. Once you have placed your order you can send a message saying which of the models you would like.

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