Smollockton Scarecrows


Smollockton Scarecrows

4 Resin Figures. Sculpted by Curtis Fell.

Designed to be used with Mini Gangs.


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Smollockton Scarecrows

The Smollockton Scarecrows tribe live a sedentary life. Their settlement, Smollockton, is surrounded by rich farm land, spread out through a river valley. The fields are bountiful and their tribe grow a significant crop of high quality vegetables each year. 

The tribe itself is relatively small, so defense of the fields is difficult, as they sprawl over a large area. The solution to this is the use of scarecrows. The local resident dress the same as these scarecrows, wearing long robes and intimidating iron masks. The imposing effigies make fearsome deterrents to raiding thieves, bent on stealing food.

The tribe backs this threat up with force. They choose their best fighters to constantly patrol their territory, dressed as their scarecrows.  

The captain of this militia is Phillip Pompous the third, who takes to his position with relish and arrogance. He wields his tongue like a whip. 

His second in command is the beautiful Dehli Chuss, the best shot in the tribe. She keeps Phillip mostly in check with her no nonsense attitude and so is the glue that holds the militia in order.

There are at any one time a varied amount of deputies that work with the patrol details. 

Most notable are Axeium-Rodrigues and Keenann Sucrous. Keenann excels in his role of combat healer, as he is almost oblivious to danger. He takes any attack on the tribe as a personal affront and a kind of battle-rage descends on him. He will wade through heavy fire to be able to administer to a wounded comrade, all the while venting profanity.

Axeium is a true blade master. Having studied most combat, his preferred style is to wield a very heavy axe and combine this with highly dexterous dodges. The idea being that if he misses with his huge unwieldy chopper then he can dart out of range of his opponents and re-ready his blade, and if his axe meets its mark it is sure to make a fatal wound.

Together the Smollockton Scarecrows are a remarkably successful township. Their civil duties are bound up with their food production and overall culture. They cleverly defend a large area with very few trained soldiers. 


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