Spaceship detail kit


Resin conversion kit. The kit is 4 sets of the resin parts shown. All the ships are made from a single set  of parts plus waste parts. Please contact us if you would like any flight stands with your order.


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Turning scrap into models is amazing fun. This kit is for doing just that. Add thrusters, vents and wings to any hosehold junk to turn it into a space ship.

This kit contains 4 sets of resin parts ideal for customisations. Sculpted by Curtis Fell. Supplied unpainted. Lighter used in image for demonstration purposes and not included. Be careful when using lighters or other pressurised containers. Items may vary slightly from those shown.

If you would like Ramshackle Games to add some extra FREE parts to sweeten the deal please contact us on our contacts page ;). We have a huge range of bits so please browse the webshop to select any parts you think would make great spaceships. You can also go and have a look at the jet bike range, which these parts come from. Its got loads of great bits for making ships with. Also let us know if you want a flight stand supplying as well.

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