Santa's Little Helpers


This is a big Christmas deal.


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  • Ramshackle Games delivers worldwide. Ramshackle Games delivers worldwide.

This is a super fun set of figures and parts. You save £25 pounds with this deal! Its our bargain of the year. It even comes with a copy of Mini Gangs, which is a very simple game to get everyone playing during the holidays!

5 Randomly selected Dwarf Bikes with extra pieces

"Scrap Yard in a bag", a selection of the most popular parts and plates for customising models or making scenery and bases.

4 Smollockton Scarecrows resin figures.

5 resin Dwarves, Minimus Squat with his crew and a Tech Jarl.

4 resin Priests of COVID. I am giving these models away to help jolly up the hobby community during the pandemic.

Mini Gangs Gateway, a 4 page rule sheet for playing simple figure games. Comes with a dice and measuring templates. Great fun for all the family, get them involved with the hobby!

The models will be packaged in a way that is safe during transit but also easy to look through when unboxing and repacking at gift giving time ;)

I will only be able to make 1 set each day, so I will have 5 ready for the end of the cut off for last post to the USA. After that I will have another 5 ready for the Europe cut off. I can probably squeeze another few out after that for UK customers.

Any orders over that amount will be sent when I can do them after my xmas holiday! I will notify you by email about the delivery times when you order ;)