Orc 'Nam G.I. Weapon Arms


This is a set of 10 polyester resin ork arms, 5 right arms with guns and 5 left arms. Sculpted by Benjamin Fox. Supplied unpainted.


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The jungle closes in around the burly lads in green. Out there, somewhere, those weedy goblin gits are plotting their revolution. Leave the sneaking to the Spec Ops boyz, there's patrolling to do. Rain or shine...

M16 with jungle-taped round magazines
M16 with M203 underslung grenade launcher
Ithaca Model 37 

You might remember these from anything related to the Vietnam War (Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, etc..) although they've been used in countless other things since.
(Something for the firearms purists - these are M16s, not M16A1s or whatever else. There's no forward assist! Partly because it felt like it might be harder to cast reliably and partly because I couldn't see an Orc Blackthumb adding something as superfluous as a forward assist! Also weirdly The Rock does feature a slab-sided M16 with an M203 although that is admittedly an SP1 and so doesn't really count.)

This is a sprue of 10 arms, five left, five right. Size-wise they’re designed for use with any GW Ork Boy scale torsos although they're probably best matched (thematically) with either our Flak Jacket Torsos or our Ranger Torsos. They’re cast in resin and so some clean up may be required.

Sculpted by Benjamin Fox.

Supplied unpainted. May vary slightly from images shown.

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