Ork Thruster Jet Bike


Resin multipart model. Sculpted by Curtis Fell. Supplied unpainted and unassembled. May vary slightly from image shown. This bike can also be chosen as part of the 3 Ork Jet Bikes set.


  • Payment by Paypal Payment by Paypal
  • Ramshackle Games delivers worldwide. Ramshackle Games delivers worldwide.

Each Jet Bike is made of 4 parts, so you can customise this product if you like. When you have placed your order please use the contacts page or email me. You can then list which parts you want. If you do not contact me by the time I get to cast your order then I will supply the model as shown.

Check out the post about the bikes on the main Ramshackle web page.

Please follow this link to be taken to a large image (2.4mb) of all the parts.

An assembly guide can be found by following this link.

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