Armour Bundle


Polyester resin armour plates. Supplied unpainted. May vary slightly from images shown. Mastered by Curtis Fell, Halcyon Miniatures and Leo Blackband.


  • Payment by Paypal Payment by Paypal
  • Ramshackle Games delivers worldwide. Ramshackle Games delivers worldwide.

This is a big mix of our most popular armour plates. The set contains over £36 worth of models! That is an amazing 50% saving.

Please visit our web site for an article about how to clean up and use these parts.

2 x Armour Bolted On

2 x Armour Iron Grumbler

2 x Armour Junk

1 x Armour Plates

1 x Armour Assorted

1 x Armour Board

1 x Armoured Windows

1 x Bonus Bits

If you email me though our contacts page I am happy to substitute out any of the parts for other things in our catalogue.

The Bonus Bits can be any items you like, just let me know what you want. 

I put up articles on the main web site about two of the things I have done with this kit so far, Orkwall and the Junkernaught.

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