The Keychain Mohawks


The Keychain Mohawks

4 premium quality polyurethane resin figures. Sculpted by Curtis Fell.

Designed to be used with Mini Gangs.


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The Keychain Mohawks

The Keychain Mohawks are a notorious gang of roguish scoundrels. They know how to party and finance this with their expert scavenging skills. Lead by the resourceful Megaton-Booma, they wander through the waste looking for items to turn a profit on, and for the best parties. 

Booma holds sway over the larger men in her gang with an forceful personality. She commands their respect by going beyond their expectations. She is always ready to take a challenge and rarely fails. She can out drink, out march, out sing, out think and out last most, making her the ideal leader. 

The gang relies on their tech-savvy medic Whiz who uses his data-book to solve most problems. His knowledge of the medical arts is heavily supported by this electronic reference guide, which seems to be able to provide limitless information about almost any subject. 

The gangs's muscle comes in the form of a walking man-mountain named Buzz-Cut. He has a very powerful saw, which he uses expertly to dismember enemies as easily as he chops up salvage. His knowledge of how to make the best cut in the quickest time has helped the Mohawks out of many close scrapes. 

The firearms expert in the gang is called Bayley. While he may not be the best shot in the wastes, he makes up for this with an encyclopedic knowledge of ballistic weaponry. He can make use of every ranged weapon he can lay his hands on. Obviously, this is a great survival technique in the wastes. As Bayley himself observes, when you run out of ammo, there are usually guns lying around to use. If you don't know how they work then its a bad situation. 

Together the gang live a whimsical nomadic life, making their way through the wastelands as they choose. Their aim is to have the best time possible. Of course this is not always possible and the life of a post-apocalyptic wastelander can be hard. The deprivations and dangers of the waste must be overcome or bared with the utmost ingenuity. To be a gang that can sometimes spare the resources to kick back have a good time  is to be a gang with a solid core. 

The gang bond goes beyond simple friendship, where these few people are each others only means of survival in the harshest environment. 


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