4 premium quality polyurethane resin figures. Sculpted by Curtis Fell.

Designed to be used with Mini Gangs.


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Bandlerd is one of the major settlements in the wastes. It is a place of learning and study alight with the pursuit of knowledge. Many educational establishments flourish, including the Bandlerd Finishing School for Girls. 

The school is open to any young woman of sufficient merit. As part of the final examinations for graduation students are taken on field trips into the wastes. Here they practice their survival skills and seek forgotten artifacts of the age before the great ending. 

This term's graduating pupils are lead by the irrepressible Professor Gertrude Stern who's skills are almost legendary. Arrayed in her mechanical survival armour and bearing the electro sword Justice, she leads with bravery and fortitude. Her encyclopedic bush-craft means that she is on hand to instruct the girls in the finer nuances of life in the wastes.

As is usual for Prof Stern, she is supported by Nurse “Nursey” Raddish. An expert in herb lore, Nursey can concoct potent healing remedies from almost anything at hand. 

Along with the Prof and Nursey are two young ladies from very different backgrounds. 

Miss Shizuko Maruyama comes from an affluent family and entered the school as a matter of course. She brings with her an ancient sword and heirloom, Jyuzumaru. Miss Maruyama is an expert with the blade. She hopes to put it to good use and bring back trophies.

The second student is Miss Clara Clockwork, the electrical girl. Miss Clockwork started life as a school project into creating artificial people, and over the last eighteen years has been worked on by many of the alumni. She was formally inducted into the school when her extraordinary pluck and bravery were recognized.

Professor Stern expects the two young ladies in her charge to perform well and hopes to be graduating them when they return to Bandlerd.


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