Ironstrike Clan


Ironstrike Clan

4 premium quality polyurethane resin figures. Sculpted by Curtis Fell.

Designed to be used with Mini Gangs.


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Ironstrike Clan

The Ironstrikes are a family of tough mountain nobility. They descend from a bunker community that holed up and survived through the apocalypse. The bunker was a converted mine, and the family opened up disused tunnels. They geared their family life up to be an efficient mining collaborative. Now after many years, they rule their locality with a feudal like governing system. 

The family structure is divided into baronies, each holding sway over a defined area of land and tunnels. They extract and refine many mineral, but their main source of income is fine quality iron. The mark of the Ironstrike nobility is their characteristic sets of heavy iron armour. These incorporate power distribution and life support systems. The sets of armour are of course expensive, so function as a kind of status display. 

The Ironstrike nobility will often venture out of their tunnel lairs to secure trade deals for their mineral wealth. They also sport at hunting down rival gangs who have committed acts of brutality or major theft in their baronial seats. Nobles will set forth into the wastes with trusted retainers.

Baron Ironstrike is a benevolent lord in his domain, but will not tolerate aggression towards those he protects.

e and the Baroness often roam abroad in search of justice for their wronged serfs. The Baron wields the deadly Wolf Claw, an array of large electrified blades. He was once forced to abandon his armour and hike across a mountain range in nothing but his skin. During the journey he was tracked and perused by wolves, and killed a one of the ferocious beast. He now wears the head as part of his armour, and had the claw fashioned to enhance his battle prestige.

The Baroness is a master of close combat. Her lightening fast axe strikes combined with her agility and a huge iron shield mean she is virtually unbeatable.

They are often accompanied by the Baron's youngest sister, Beilaeg. Her mother will not let her venture into the wastes without her best armour system. She is enclosed in the thickest and most powerful exo-suit available. It incorporates a huge auto-blast explosive bolt launcher.

The Baron and Baroness usually bring their resourceful retainer Sqeaksbane who is known for his affinity with hydraulics, electronics and other mechanical systems. He affects battlefield repairs with unparalleled skill, his oil-can always at hand to combat the bane of the Ironstikes, namely rust!


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