Mini Gangs Limited Deal


Mini Gangs Limit Deal

Mini Gangs is a table top strategy skirmish game for 2 or more players. It is simple to learn, easy to play and suitable for all levels of play from beginner to expert. 

You can find out more about Mini Gangs by following this link.

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Mini Gangs Limit Deal

This deal is for the last 10 sets of the Mini Gangs full release set. Don't worry! Mini Gangs core rules will still be available here for some time to come

The resin gangs were being supplied by a casting company that are now out of business, and the Wasters gang have sold out. There are 10 sets of the Bandlerd Finishing School and the Ironstrike Clan left, so this deal combines the last of the stock into one mega deal! You get all the rules, cards, tokens and dice, and the Smollockton Scarecrows, which usually retails for £25 PLUS the two remaining gangs, each gang priced at £25, for a total of £49! Thats more than a whopping third off the original price (and comes with free shipping of course)! Buy now before all the sets are gone.....


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