Ork Riot Shields


This is a sprue of 5 polyester resin orkshields. Sculpted by Benjamin Fox. Supplied unpainted.


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It’s all well and good swinging an axe at someone but what do you do when they’re the one with the axe? A sturdy shield is definitely a good start. These should be standard issue for anyone having to deal with uppity goblins, really. That and big hobnailed boots!

These could be handy to represent shields in something like Gorkamorka or to give a unit of Ork Slugga Boyz the ‘Ard Boyz stratagem in Warhammer 40,000. Or maybe you just like Orcs with shields and don’t want ’em made of wood!


This is a sprue of 5 riot shields with arms, four left arms, one right. Size-wise they should be compatible with any 28mm “Heroic” scale Orcs and similar product ranges. They’re cast in resin and so some clean up may be required. May vary slightly from images shown.

Sculpted by Benjamin Fox. Supplied unpainted.